How Do You Get Motivated?

Lifter, Coach, and Training Partner may have motivated you to find what drives you and used that inspiration to accomplish any lingering goals you may have. However, when the road to success becomes a little rocky, what would you lean on to maintain that motivation?The internet and social media sites are overloaded with videos, pictures, and articles about how other people are so great. Men are defying physics with 1,053 lbs squats while another man is showing the world that when you’re almost 60 years old, you can still keep up with the young guys.

These excessive achievements could spark feelings of discouragement in both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This is an unfortunate state-of-mind for anyone. For example, the path to the 2017 CrossFit Games officially went underway in February and if you follow its progress there could could be some feelings of disappointment if you fancy yourself a contender. But don’t worry, this is normal.

In the athletic community, there seems to be a stark contrast between inherently freakish human beings who seem to excel with ease and then there’s the majority who have to bust their humps to reach any new heights. If the latter describes you (or comes close), please check out an article published on eliteFTS which covers anecdotal guidance on staying motivated when there’s little chance of winning “the big game”.

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Sometimes I'm just not feeling it … up at 0400 (4 a.m.) to train and put my body through so much torment just to say I did it? Most will quit after it gets too hard … or its too hot/cold outside or in the gym. Some will give up because they’re sore or it hurts beyond their perceived threshold. No. Not me and others who share this PASSION. Most athletes are asked how or what tools they use to stay motivated. Most do it for the love of the sport, I also do it because it’s my PASSION. PASSION to be great and a better version of myself and to lead those who will follow after me. I do this for YOU … I project my greatness onto you so you can achieve. But you have to want it … Do you? 🤔🤔💯🦄 #garagegymrat #garagestrong💪 #maniacpowerlifting🕵 #gogginsforce #onetimepowerlifting #airforcepowerlifting #powerlifting

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