We All Can Be Inspirational

The venue was packed. Phones illuminated to capture what was expected to be historical. Then it happen; Ray Williams squats 1,005 lbs (455 kg) raw. Whoa! It garnered national media attention via ESPN, Fox Sports, and of course Men’s Health (to name only a few sources). To not be outdone, Ray proceeds to extend his unofficial World Record into an actual World milestone when he squatted 1,053 lbs (477.5 kg) at the Arnold Sports Festival which gets even more media attention.

Will you remember how another person’s accomplishments made you feel? Were you happy for them? In awe? Were you jealous? Or did you feel inspired?

I can recall the feeling I had while watching Vince Urbank deadlift 906 lbs. I’m still amazed when I watch Stan Efferding crush an astonishing 2,203 lbs. total with ease. And I never grow tired of the replaying Richard “The Ant” Hawthorne deadlift 610 lbs for jaw-dropping 4 reps! One word: Inspired.

When talented men and women accomplish great things it fills me with the urge to do something equally special. You could name-drop plenty of extraordinary human beings.  However, would you spend every moment living in their shadow or will you foster what makes you significant. Will you be able to discuss what makes you more than ordinary? Don’t become comfortable living vicariously through others. Harness your own greatness. Compartmentalize the feeling you have when you see the people you admire. Use that energy to reach your mountaintop; capture it on video then post it online for others to be inspired by you.

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